A tablet that’s a solution, not a problem

NORFLEET's fully rugged tablets are designed to be easily modifiable. Many other rugged tablets on the market lack the flexibility to be tailored to an application’s specific needs.

Many so-called rugged tablets do not actually meet the military standards that are listed in their specifications.  NORFLEET has its platforms certified by interdependent agencies.  Plus we have years of experience in supplying thousands of working units that have reliably operated on battlefields around the world.  Warfighters, policemen, and industrial workers know they can rely on our tablet’s legendary toughness.

Rugged makes business sense

More and more enterprises are coming to the same conclusion; they can’t afford not to buy rugged. Rugged tablets are less prone to break down, which means reduced downtime, fewer expensive repairs, and less lost data.  Although the purchase price of a rugged device may be more than its non-rugged counterpart, this initial cost is actually a small part of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In the long run, the bottom line demands fully rugged tablets.