Norfleet has current projects in Hawaii, Thailand and Middle East for     various     military,   non-profit   government   and     private organizations . Our manufacturing workshops can produce up to 30 modules in a day with consistent quality. Our expertise adapts to satisfy wide range of needs, while complying with all necessary safety standards and regulations.

Trusted and knowledgeable   experts with   the   experience to   implement energy efficiency strategies in addition to standard engineering, electrical, mechanical, and HVAC services.

3D Design Rendering and pictures from actual projects.

Depending on your container modification needs, Norfleet can customize, design and install it for you.

Norfleet two story   modular   offices install   quickly  and reclaim wasted high   ceiling   space. These   custom designed   two   story modular offices are engineered for years of use, you can relocate   or expand your building as your needs change.


Norfleet   design &  engineering   department   provides  unique solutions as a combined result of the engineering efficiency and architectural     expertise to   ensure functionality   &   aesthetic consideration for your tent solutions. 


Norfleet end-to-end steel design manufactured from the world's most advance manufacturing system brings solution to your building needs.