Norfleet LLC, dba Norfleet Engineers & Construction (NEC) is an American company founded in 2005 in Idaho, USA. NEC began operating in Afghanistan in 2010, servicing the US and Afghan Military, as well as working with other contractors. In 2012, NEC established a regional division, Norfleet FZE with headquarters in Dubai UAE; this division is charged with conducting operations throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.Norfleet offers a wide range of comprehensive general construction, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and operations & maintenance services. We have a combined team of highly-trained, professionally licensed U.S. NEC Electricians, Journeyman Plumbers, Journeyman HVAC/Mechanical personnel, ASE Certified Master Mechanics, as well as engineers and scientists.

We utilize the latest technology and equipment, which allows us to provide our customers with the most expedient and affordable services possible. We customize and tailor our range of services and logistical abilities in a manner that swiftly responds to the rapidly changing needs of our clients. We take every measure to make sure your project is successful and efficient. We know how to address challenges, deliver marketable results, and assure client satisfaction and job completion.


Services Offered:


Construction / Modular Relocatable Buildings / Electrical / Mechanical / Plumbing / Fire Alarms / Energy Efficiency / Eco-certifications / Engineering Services / Training Services / Operations & Maintenance / Project Management / Consulting


Work Force, Quality Workmanship: From our Project Managers, to Field Technicians, to our CAD Designers, NEC’s workforce is comprised of and lead by experienced, US trained and Licensed personnel. Our Continuous Improvement Philosophy ensures that we keep informed of the newest and most efficient Processes, Methods, Standards, Tools and Materials. We are always looking for better ways of increasing quality and productivity, which improves our business and in turn, improves the products and services we provide for our customers.


TCN and Local Nationals: NEC also employs Third country and Local Nationals. We provide thorough classroom and Hands-on training by highly skilled professionals, who then work alongside our Third Country and Local Nationals to assure the best possible outcome. We are fluent in the English language and we also have personnel that speak Urdu, Pashto, Farsi, Hindi, Malayalam, and Spanish languages.


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    Yes, a middle school science fair project is usually a really exciting time for all middle school children.

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    Below is a fun and interesting middle school science fair project.

    This instance is to give you a concept regarding how to strengthen your child along with his or her science fair project. The example is merely a blue print which may be built upon.

    Four Eyes? Oh Please!

    Everyone knows somebody that wears glasses. All you require due to this science project is often a friend or two who wear glasses. Then [url=http://www.ablefirm.com/]dr dre monster beats headphones[/url] prior to a fair, a poster board might be made using an image of the eye, the various parts (Retina, cornea, etc) labeled, plus a brief description regarding how we see things.

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    Have your kids to accomplish some investigation within the eye itself, by way of example they might determine why it really is that a lot of people need glasses? And in what ways do glasses help?

    The neighborhood library should have plenty of information geared up for middle school students that could help.

    Allow them to Create Their particular Ideas.

    Needless to say, you could read lots of different science fair projects, but none of them can be as fun or as personal as you and also your child participating to get some ideas, you may be amazed with the ideas that your particular child comes program.

    When contemplating ideas you might have under consideration their own preferences, and imagine how [url=http://www.ablefirm.com/]beat by dre headphones[/url] such a project could be exciting, as well as educational.

    I know that once you as well as your child take a moment and intensely consider it, both of you could develop a topic that blows the rest out from the water.

    Do not forget that now is your child’s science fair project, not yours, and he or she must complete it. Visit the website for more info..

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    A good way to lower the volume of trash that you simply create while ridding the body of harmful BPA is to try using our BPA free reusable sandwich bags! These sandwich bags are PVC free plastic (called EVA). What’s more, it phthalate free and lead free. Hand washable and durable, begin using these repeatedly to save your sandwiches for supper, with [url=http://avatostudios.co.uk/]gucci uk[/url] plenty of room for chips, veggies, and also other munchies. This reusable sandwich bag closes through the Velcro strip. Simple, reusable, friendly to the environment, and BPA free, these are the perfect way to green your lunches!

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    1. They cost less. Initially, they’re going to cost slightly more than your average box of disposable ziploc bags. However, in the lon run, you can lay aside money. 500 disposable sandwich bags on Amazon (which is a lots of plastic, Plus in the food store a box of fifty would cost around $34) costs around $17. That one reusable bag costs $5.95 since time I’m scripting this. If you use your bag 5 times every week, for say 50 weeks, that’s 250 times annually. Over a couple of years, the expense of this bag it is under the disposable bags!

    2. It’s BPA free. The disposable plastic bags? It is often regarded as in those, as well as plastic baby bottles (that aren’t BPA free), some cookware, and water bottles.

    3. It’s convenient. A simple hand wash will clean your bag in under a minute.

    4. It folds out into the own eating area! Yes, the reusable sandwich wraps fold out into a placemat which means you don’t need to eat on that gross table or dusty desk.

    5. They don’t leak. Ever had a disposable plastic bag rip on you? It’s frustrating to get those potato chip crumbs all around us. Yuck!

    Bisphenol A, or BPA, is an organic compound used primarily to produce plastics. Suspected of being hazardous to humans since the 1930s, concerns with regards to the utilization of bisphenol A in consumer products are already regularly reported in news reports media since 2008 after several governments issued reports question its safety.

    Since that time multiple research has found disposable (plus some reusable) plastics can leach BPA in the water and food when heated. A new study from Harvard finds that urine levels of BPA are 69 percent higher after drinking cold liquids from polycarbonate plastic containers.

    In accordance with the Cancer of the breast Fund: “BPA has been seen in blood samples from developing fetuses in addition to the surrounding amniotic fluid, and contains been measured in placental tissue plus in umbilical cord blood at birth. CDC researchers also found BPA in 95 % of around 400 urine samples from your broad national sample of adults. Several studies using both rat and mouse models have revealed that even brief exposures to environmentallyrelevant doses of BPA during gestation or at about the time of birth bring about changes in mammary tissue structure predictive of later growth and development of tumors. Exposure also increased sensitivity [url=http://essentialskillswales.co.uk/]Hermes bags[/url] to estrogen at puberty. Recent data demonstrate that early exposure to BPA leads to abnormalities in mammary tissue development which can be observable even during gestation.”

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    As you might already know, plastic bags not to biodegrade. However, they break into smaller bits over 1000 years and will stay forever.

    Ocean water samples have demostrated more plastic particles than plankton. This plastic has did start to form its very own islands of floating garbage debris in the heart of the Pacific.

    A median elementary school student eating homemade lunches is estimated to create between 45 and 90 pounds of plastic baggies, foil pouches, as well as other packaging waste every year, roughly equivalent to extra weight of an third to sixthgrader.

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    On the list of score of things which is why Chicago coach Lovie Smith deserved accolades on Sunday evening was his ability to remain calm amid good news that quarterback Jay Cutler had sustained a damaged thumb on his throwing hand during the 3120 victory within the San Diego Chargers, to take an impenetrable Alfred E. Neuman (what, me worry?) countenance to the media, even when he needed to swandive into nearby Lake Michigan, to take action for all you world at least that section not in the home team’s locker room like there were nothing wrong.

    Alibis are for losers, a lesson Smith realizes well, as they exhibited Sunday evening. If exactly what the media saw on Sunday evening was Smith’s best poker face, well, the Bears’ coach need to abandon his regular job, visit Vegas, and search for an area in a table for a round of Texas hold’em.

    Probably the most admirable qualities of NFL head coaches, and positively of Smith on Sunday, would have been to remain stonefaced whilst the building blocks is crumbling.

    There were reasons why Smith was really inordinately long in proceeding to his postgame interview. Even with the relaxed standards in the league’s pr guidelines, which not so long ago mandated a “cooling off period” of 12 minutes as soon as the game, waiting for for Smith being released was nettlesome. And from now on, the many media members who cooled their heels awaiting Smith so it will be for the podium know why: Bears officials were busy working with this news of Cutler’s injury, rehearsing their public stance (which, it been found, would be to say nothing), privately girding for the possibility the resilient franchise will have its final six regularseason games having a guy in the helm who has never [url=http://www.kingdomit.co.uk/]beats by dr dre uk[/url] started an NFL contest and whose NFL resume includes 14 regularseason pass attempts.

    For the few injuries, Smith characterized the Bears’ booboos as “bumps and bruises,” noted his club “came from the game in decent shape,” and were able to purposely overlook the proven fact that the quarterback who may have started nearly one game since he arrived from Denver by way [url=http://www.kingdomit.co.uk/]beats earphones website[/url] of a 2009 trade may have his right thumb splinted and that the injury could require surgery. Smith’s default position might be that no person inquired specifically about Cutler, and that’s true. In the future, some resourceful member of the Chicago media might query Smith around the postgame status of all 46 players who dress for your game.

    On Monday morning, Smith did confirm Cutler’s right thumb was fractured.

    Within his Sunday night remarks, Smith espoused generically in regards to the “next man up” philosophy that she gleaned from his mentor, Tony Dungy.

    Problem is, at quarterback, the next man up is Caleb Hanie.

    A fourthyear veteran, and onetime undrafted free agent from Colorado State, Hanie has appeared by 50 % contests this year, as being a mopup guy. He has yet to throw a pass in the year 2011, a goose egg that will disappear next Sunday when Hanie makes his firstever start, at Oakland contrary to the firstplace Raiders. Hanie’s most notable claim that they can fame is that he replaced the injured Cutler as well as the ineffective Todd Collins for that fourth quarter of last year’s NFC Championship Game loss to Green Bay.

    Hanie performed admirably at times for the reason that tensionpacked arena, completing 6 of 14 passes for 80 yards, and leading the Bears to your Packers’ 29yard line with a possiblity to win the action late. Raji, of the people and he was markedly scattershot occasionally.

    Certainly, the Cutler injury suggests just as before the need for developing a solid backup quarterback within the roster, an extra the Bears would not have. Last season, the Bears attempted to address the shortcoming with the help of Collins. Pushing 40 at that time, is actually enough inactivity to suggest Chicago add an industrialsized vat of RustOleum to its equipment purchase order, Collins was hardly the result.

    Chicago won a sport against Carolina where Collins threw four interceptions within his lone regularseason start, when Cutler was concussed, though the fact he was yanked from the NFC title game in support of the callow Hanie spoke volumes.

    The best way loud the 73 Bears might be for the rest of 4 seasons, regardless of if the franchise could possibly make the playoffs given that the petulant Cutler is going to be sidelined through out the campaign, remains to be seen.

    Entering the Monday night New EnglandKansas City game, during which Tyler Palko can make his first league start with the Chiefs as opposed to a hurt Matt Cassel, 12 quarterbacks who opened a normal season as backups for their respective clubs had started a minumum of one game. Their cumulative record: 1629. And this included the beyondodds 41 mark of Denver’s Tim Tebow along with the threegame resurgence of Miami’s Matt Moore.

    In Chicago, some fans along with the media have long wondered just [url=http://www.kingdomit.co.uk/]dr dre beats uk[/url] what the team may very well be like without the presence of offputting Cutler, whose demeanor and the body language sometimes hint with a guy who prefer to be throwing refuse onto a garbage truck and earning union wages than to be tossing passes and banking vast amounts of money. On Monday morning, the word “Be careful everything you wish for” leaped under consideration.

    The Bears have demonstrated lots of grit and gumption yesteryear month . 5, and after this some may need every ounce of both those qualities to achieve the postseason.

    On Sunday evening, as Chicago cornerback Charles Tillman donned his headphones and prepared to exit a Bears locker room where players were apparently under strict orders not to reveal the Cutler injury, there were an abundance of talk of resilience. Said Tillman, whose stripandrecovery of an Ryan Mathews fumble within the third quarter was the signature play from the game: “We’ve overcome adversity. You don’t like to have it, but we’ve gotten employed to it. We usually lose.”

    The calculated and picked up, don’tblink public facade of Smith aside, the Bears will need to pay in excess of lip service to that attitude now, and it also defintely won’t be easy.

    Like other from the persons in his celebrated fraternity, Smith doesn’t make excuses [url=http://www.kingdomit.co.uk/]dr dre monster beats[/url] and treats injuries just as if they may be a predictable [url=http://www.kingdomit.co.uk/]cheap beats by dre[/url] use of the sport. But he can’t avoid the idea that, while using lack of Cutler, the occasionally offensively challenged Bears must somehow be capable of make plays. For a twothumbsup time, riding a fivegame winning streak, the Chicago season might have gone thumbsdown on Sunday evening.

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