Commitment To Quality

To deliver continuous improvement, we have created an integrated, global approach that recognizes the interaction of every function and activity.  By integrating systems that increase the effectiveness of our people, ideas, processes and suppliers, we strive to keep defects, complaints and impact on the environment to an absolute minimum.

We always see to it that Norfleet performance is "World Class".

  1. Quality First
    A focus on customer satisfaction through product and process quality.
  2. Serving Our Customers
    Building our growth through close partnerships and long-lasting relationships with our customers.
  3. Environment, Health and Safety
    Conserving natural resources and ensuring the health and wellness of our employees.
  4. Team Force
    Training and empowering individuals to work within teams to actively strive for and contribute to continuous improvement.
  5. Managing Innovation
    Ensuring that best practices are spread throughout the entire organization. 
  6. Manufacturing Processes
    Continuously focusing on methods to eliminate variability and improve efficiency. 
  7. Supply Chain Management
    Working closely with suppliers to streamline performance and minimize waste. 

Quality Control & Assurance

Quality means serving every client's specific wants and needs to the absolute best of our abilities and resources, it also means doing the job right the first time.  The drive behind our quality control commitment is to achieve excellence in terms of workmanship and performance – within a safe working environment. 

This is a positive business strategy that we believe will expand our markets, increase customer satisfaction, and reduces our cost and the costs of our clients. Working as a team, we have earned a reputation for having one of the premiere quality control programs in the industry, the strength of which is our commitment to open communication and our investment in continuing education.

In accordance with the provisions of company quality manuals the QC & Safety department operates and reports directly to our President. Quality control inspectors have the authority and the organizational freedom to identify and evaluate quality problems; however the responsibility for quality is a shared one.  All employees understand they must contribute and be held accountable within the scope of their work and responsibilities. We pride ourselves on the results that our stringent quality program has produced.